Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode

Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship

L 9, 1-2
68161 Mannheim
Room: 106
Phone: +49 621 181-2894
Fax: +49 621 181-1505
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Teaching and Research

In teaching and research the Chair of SME research and entrepreneurship deals with topics related to starting and managing new firms. Investigating the start up firm we mostly take an interdisciplinary perspective. We blend the business, economic, sociological, geographical and psychological perspective regarding newly founded businesses.In our teaching we convey the theoretical concepts behind entrepreneurship that are derived for instance from industrial organization, strategic management, and organizational sociology.
But we also stress the practical implications of the field. Students will learn how to write a business plan, how to develop a business model, how to raise money, develop a marketing plan and manage a business successfully. A special interest is placed on fast growing companies and on the particular challenges they are confronted with.
The chair’s teaching encompasses the following courses:

  • Theories of entrepreneurship (such as industrial organization theory, strategic management theory, neo-institutional theory, population ecology theory, psychological theory)
  • International entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship and geography, institutions and entrepreneurs, international comparisons in entrepreneurship, internationalisation of high tech start ups) 
  • How to develop a business plan (business model, competition analysis, operations, finance, marketing)
  • Managing the growing enterprise (innovation, financing, organization, human resource, management concepts and strategy)
  • Information and communication technology & small and medium sized enterprises

Each course encompasses a lecture and exercises.
The chair’s research concentrates on firm and industry dynamics. We also study the employment chances of minorities, management concepts for small and medium sized companies and several important issues related to family businesses. Results of this research are published in national and international management journals.