Prof. Dr. Torsten Biemann

University of Mannheim
Chair for Business Administration, HRM and Leadership
68161 Mannheim
Room: O 231
Phone: +49 621 181-1502
Consultation hours: kindly contact our secretary
Email: Opens window for sending emailbiemann (at)

Research Interests

  • Leadership
  • Strategic and International Human Resource Management
  • Careers and Career Patterns
  • Methods in Management Research
  • Knowledge Transfer in Teams

Selected Publications

  • Biemann, T., Kearney, E. & Marggraf, K. (forthcoming). Empowering Leadership and Managers` Career Perceptions: Examiming Effects at Both the Individual and the Team Level. Leadership Quarterly.
  • Dlouhy, K. & Biemann, T. (2015). Optimal matching analysis in career research: A review and some best-practice recommendations. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 90: 163-173.
  • Nieß, C. & Biemann, T. (2014). The Role of Risk Propensity in Predicting Self-Employment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99 (5): 1000-1009.
  • Biemann, T. & Datta, D. (2014). Analyzing Sequence Data: Optimal Matching in Management Research. Organizational Research Methods, 17(1): 51-76.
  • Biemann, T. (2013). What if we were Texas sharpshooters? Predictor reporting bias in regression analysis. Organizational Research Methods, 16: 335-363.
  • Biemann, T., Zacher, H., & Feldman, D.C. (2012). Career Patterns: A Twenty-Year Panel Study. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 81(2): 159-170.
  • Biemann, T., Cole, M., & Voelpel, S. (2012). Within-Group Agreement: On the Use (and Misuse) of rWG and rWG(J) in Leadership Research and Some Best Practice Guidelines. Leadership Quarterly, 23: 66-80.
  • Biemann, T., Fasang, A., & Grunow, D. (2011). Do economic globalization and industry growth destabilize careers? An analysis of career complexity and career patterns over time. Organization Studies, 32, 1639-1663.
  • Biemann, T., & Kearney, E. (2010). Size Does Matter: How Varying Group Sizes in a Sample Affect the Most Common Measures of Group Diversity. Organizational Research Methods, 13: 582-599.